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Netta 16.03.2006 - 11.09.2020
We got sad news that the 14-years-old Netta (B. Sesame) had passed away. Her condition had quickly gone down and the veterinarian found a widely spread tumour. Nothing could be done and so it was time to let Netta go. Our deepest sympathy to Netta's family who loved and took good care of her.

The Mermaid litter 13 years
Happy birthday 05.09.2020!

Tarmo 5 years
Our youngest family member, the always happy and friendly Tarmo (Do Day's Neville), celebrates his birthday 21.08.2020! We wish Tarmo a nice day!

The Bird litter 12 years
Congratulations to the littermates on their birthday 21.08.2020!

The Spice litter 14 years
Congratulations to the oldies on their birthday 16.03.2020!

Onni 9 years
Many happy returns to our glad and friendly Onni (B. Pineapple) who celebrates his birthday 06.03.2020! Congratulations also to Onni's littermates!

International Dog Show 26.01.2020 Turku
Sylvi (B. Kiwi):
Veteran class VG-3
- judge Matti Tuominen

Martta (B. Starling):
Veteran class EXC-1, CQ, Best Bitch 3, BOB-veteran
- judge Matti Tuominen