News 2022

Tarmo 7 years
Our nice and friendly Tarmo (Do Day's Neville) celebrates his birthday 21.08.2022. Many happy returns!

The Bird litter 14 years
Congratulations to the littermates on their birthday 21.08.2022!

All breed Dog Show 13.08.2022 Turku
Sylvi (B. Kiwi):
Veteran class VG-2
- judge Anneli Pukkila

Martta 21.08.2008 - 02.08.2022
The 13-years-old Martta (B. Starling) passed away after an incurable malignant tumour. The owners had to do the most difficult and final decision for Martta's best and let her go. Our deepest sympathy to Tiina and Mikko and thank you for giving Martta a good home and loving care with many nice hobbies.

News 4/2022
Our life changed 27 years ago when we took home 09.04.1995 our first puppy Alma (Kariminns' Nougat Icecream) from Hämeenlinna. Alma brought so much happiness, new experiences and many new friends to our lives. We learned to know this lovely breed and different hobbies. We also got interested in own breeding and started to increase our knowledge of dogs.

Today we have been looking back to Alma and that epochal day. We hope that everybody can enjoy their dogs as much as we do.

The Exotic fruit litter 11 years
Congratulations on the birthday 06.03.2022!

Tarmo's news 2/2022
Tarmo (Do Day’s Neville) has been visiting Aurinkolahti clinic because of his epilepsy and also other health issues. Unfortunately we have not been satisfied with Tarmo's veterinarian. We got enough when we during our last visit 8/2021 asked for an extra blood sample which the vet considered unnecessary and expensive. We got critique which we found inappropriate because we knew that Tarmo was not well. The “unnecessary” blood test showed a serious lack of vitamine that without treatment would have worsened Tarmo’s situation.

During the same visit the nurses blaimed Tarmo after having difficulties to take a blood sample. We were not allowed to be present or to help in the procedure. The poor dog came out with bandages in every foot. Rude attitude from the staff indeed!

We have moved Tarmo’s controls 2/2022 to Apex clinic where we met a friendly staff and a nice veterinarian. We were satisfied with the visit. It is important for us that Tarmo can live a good life despite of his serious diseases.